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Designing a Glassine Package? 6 Common Mistakes and How You Can Avoid Them

There’s a reason why people love glassine paper so much. It has a high-quality appearance, is cost-effective and is made from renewable materials. If a glassine bag escapes into the environment, you don’t need to worry about it contaminating waterways […]


Open End Envelopes Defined

Looking at a finished envelope, you may not realize all of the technology, testing, and innovation involved in creating it. There is much more than meets the eye – sizes, seams, flaps, closures. Envelopes can be one of the most […]

What is Glassine

What Is Glassine?

Choosing a Sustainable Packaging Supplier

There are many ways to ‘go green’ with your packaging. But what are the most sustainable packaging options? And what needs to be considered when working with packaging manufacturers? Consumers increasingly demand that the products they buy are packaged with […]