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Hudson Valley Seed Library uses JBM Cloud to streamline artwork process

Ken Greene and Doug Muller founded the Hudson Valley Seed Library in 2004. The Seed Library specializes in heirloom, open-pollinated garden seeds and beautiful garden-themed contemporary art. “I loved the fact that the seeds had stories – genetic stories, cultural stories – and I added the seeds to the library’s catalog, so that people could check them out, like checking out a book,” said Doug.


Hudson Valley Seed Library, HVSL, was in need of a new manufacturer for their seed packets. When choosing the new manufacturer, Doug Muller of HVSL needed a solution that simplified the proofing process. Because he has many roles within the company, this would allow more time to work on other projects.


JBM introduced HVSL to the JBM Cloud. The JBM Cloud streamlines the artwork proofing process. It increases the speed at which large libraries of artwork are transferred, formatted, and proofed. After Doug was introduced to the Cloud, the proofing process was completed in 2 business days. JBM had HVSL set up with the Cloud in 24 hours and had 75 hard proofs sent overnight on the following Monday. Within 72

JBM Cloud

hours the corrections were uploaded and new copies were reviewed and approved within an hour. The Cloud significantly decreased the turnaround time and enabled the product to be sent to production days before the old process would have.


JBM and HVSL were able to decrease the proofing process from 14 to 2 business days. Doug loved uploading artwork to the JBM Cloud and seeing the proof in real time. It was a big improvement over the process that included delays and back-and-forth mailing. The new proofing process was now completed in one sitting rather than over several days.

“We received the envelopes yesterday and they look great! Thanks for helping us along – super happy with the finished products.”


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