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Premierprint partners with JBM for Madécasse

Madécasse is a chocolate and vanilla company founded in 2008 by Peace Corps volunteers in Madagascar. Their products are made exclusively on the island. They strive to strengthen the local economy, create well-paying jobs to end the cycle of poverty, and cut the supply chain to decrease costs while increasing flow of income directly to farmers. JBM was able to fill a need for Madécasse by providing consistently printed, environmentally friendly paper packaging.


Madécasse was in need of a high quality packaging solution that positively reflects their brand’s promise with consistent logo and background colors. Premierprint sought out help from another packaging manufacturer who, after four months and several attempts, failed to offer a viable solution that supports Madécasse’s brand. The packaging was flawed with inconsistent background and secondary colors.


Premierprint contacted JBM Packaging who quickly got into action to understand their needs. JBM’s “Innovation Team” analyzed Madécasse’s current packaging problems and collaborated with their in-house, G7 Certified expert to develop a solution. In order to ensure color consistency, JBM utilized its G7 Certification and state-of-the-art Manroland Printing Press to deliver superior printing. The Manroland’s in-line spectrophotometer automatically corrects for color, which was a major issue left unresolved by the former packaging supplier.


Premierprint was able to fulfill their client’s requirements for a unique, premium packaging solution that would ultimately lead to a stronger brand presence on store shelves. Premierprint was thrilled with the package design and achieved an on-time product launch.

“Thank you so much for all the work with envelopes and graphics– and getting it all done so quickly. I really appreciate your communication and helping us get the first run complete. Everything was perfect and we are glad to have worked with you.”


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