Our Core Values Nurture Our Company

JBM is a family company.

In 1985 Greg Sheanshang launched JBM as an envelope brokerage business. From the beginning, the company was focused on developing a culture of quality, innovation, and excellence – with a “family” feel. In fact, Greg was inspired to name the company after his three children – Jennifer, Bridget, and Marcus.

Now, 35 years and a generation later, we maintain our focus on being a family-oriented business.

What drives us.

We live by our Core Values – Collaboration, Grit, Growth Mindset, Innovation, Ownership, and Passion for a Better World.

We all share this vision and strive to demonstrate each value in our day-to-day operations. They guide how we treat each other, our customers, and how we tackle our work. With strong Core Values and a higher Purpose, our company performs better.

“We are a problem-solving company. It’s who we are!”

Leading growth into new markets.

Marcus Sheanshang (the M in JBM) purchased the company in 2008, taking over the day-to-day operations of his family’s business.

Marcus began working at JBM at age 11, learning the company from the ground up. His jobs ranged from machine operator to customer service, and ultimately into management. He graduated with a double major in finance and accounting from the University of Cincinnati. Marcus is a member of the EIA, EMA, and Vistage. He has two children and is supported by a wonderful wife.

Under Marcus’s leadership, JBM has continuously invested in specialized manufacturing technologies and expanded our capabilities in packaging and envelopes.

JBM’s Story

Reach your packaging vision.

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