Say Hello to Hydroblox: The Water-Resistant Paper You Can Recycle!

How do you drink water from an uncoated paper cup so that it doesn’t immediately fall apart? Quickly! That’s why most packaging papers exposed to rain, condensation or other elements use a plastic or wax coating to protect […]

Remembering JBM’s Founder Greg Sheanshang

The JBM family late last year said goodbye to Greg Sheanshang, the trailblazing founder and longtime chief executive officer of JBM Packaging. His legacy in the packaging industry is a testament to his […]

9 Common Eco-Packaging Terms You Should Know

As a B Corp Certified Company, we are on a path to reduce the impact of our packaging products and our operations.. But as we strive to create more eco-friendly packaging solutions, we’ve found that helping our customers […]

On the Podium: JBM Leadership Discusses Plastic to Paper Packaging Trends

If you’re looking for alternatives to plastic packaging, you’re not alone. From major brands like Unilever to smaller businesses like Johnny Cupcakes and Scientific Anglers, companies are looking to either fully eliminate […]

Supporting the JUMPSTART of New Lives in Prison

For many of the 1.2 million people in the U.S. prison system, thinking of life outside of prison can be intimidating. The unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated individuals is nearly five times as high as the general […]

Tell Us More About B Corp: A Q&A with JBM’s Senior Leadership Team

Since we announced our B Corp Certification last month, people have had a lot of questions. Why did we do it? What do we hope to achieve? This is a new journey for us! While we have a long way to go, obtaining B Corp helped us realize […]

Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental illness is extremely common in the U.S., impacting an estimated one in five adults. With a wide range of conditions and degrees of severity, some individuals receive professional […]