Seeding Success: Behind the Scenes of JBM’s Seed Packet Development

From long lead times, poor folding and lackluster quality, a lot can go sideways when selecting a partner to create and fill your seed packets. We’ve been in the seed business for more than 30 years, and we’ve learned a lot during that time about what works—and what doesn’t—when creating packets specifically designed for seeds.

Whether you sell seeds within a retail setting or use them commercially, we help meet our customers where they are by providing products and services to match their unique needs. From quickly filling their seed packet orders to creating distinctive packets with visual imagery and features, we help our customers shift the focus back on their core business while we take care of the rest.

We sat down with Shane Seckman, one of JBM’s seed experts, to learn more about the unique needs of this fun, fast-paced industry, and how JBM partners with commercial seed research organizations and retail seed manufacturers to help deliver better seed packets.

What are the biggest packaging challenges/pain points for seed market customers? 

Most companies find JBM because they want a unique solution that solves a problem. We are flexible and can manufacture packets with varying sizes, including bulk seed packets, and with assorted features and complex folds. We offer a white glove service, and we walk side-by-side with each customer so they enjoy the unique experience of bringing new packaging to life. But in addition to creating a seed packet or envelope, what separates us from others is our ability to find ways to help customers become more efficient while also solving their problems.

How does JBM help solve these challenges? 

Our process starts with listening. We have a comprehensive discovery process that helps identify a customer’s unique challenges and identifies solutions to overcome them. An example of a challenge could be sourcing: A customer may need help procuring seeds and producing seed packets all under one roof. We can help reduce the number of suppliers in our customers’ supply chain network. Another challenge might be understanding labeling and certification requirements. We can help with that too.

What do customers like most about JBM’s Spear envelopes? 

The Spear envelopes have thick, durable papers that withstand long transits and multiple uses. It features a tuck-and-fold closure that keeps seeds secure, but is easy to open and allows you to open and close it multiple times.

Our Spear seed packets stand up to repeated use, protecting your seeds under the toughest conditions.

What’s new at JBM for seed packet customers?

For the past several months, we’ve been working to secure our organic certification, and we’re excited to announce that we recently achieved Organic Seed Handling Certification from the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA)! This allows JBM to provide certified organic products and services, including storage, handling and labeling.

We recently introduced Hydroblox, a water-resistant recyclable packaging paper. It protects seeds in environments with moisture exposure, like a greenhouse or garden center.

We also recently launched our new seed filling and kitting service, designed for seed and small parts kitting. Working with JBM to fill your seed packets and assemble your kits puts your products on the shelves and in customers’ hands faster.

Hydroblox protects seeds from early germination in moisture-rich environments.

What unique features does JBM offer for seeds?

A good example is our perforated envelope. It was designed to help make the planting process more efficient. Our envelopes tear clean and consistently each time, allowing for successful seed planting.

Our 7-coin, 4-coin, and 3-coin hole envelopes keep the packets safe in the box during transit or out in the field on a windy day.

Our pollination bags or crossing bags are designed for small grain and grass crops to help protect against unwanted pollination and control cross-pollination between different plant varieties. Our 30# and 40# glassine works great with pollination needs; we offer various sizes, which makes it a great solution for small grains and grasses.

What type of customization does JBM offer for seed packaging?

Printing, size, paper, folds, closure, windows, holes—we can design your packet to protect your seeds, attract your customers, and make your seed programs more efficient. We love to customize seed packets—it’s what we do best!

What does the future of seed packaging look like? Give us your predictions!

JBM loves to solve problems and help customers be more efficient while offering a unique opening experience to tell the customer story. We anticipate customers will continue looking for more eco-friendly and organic seed options. As packaging needs change, JBM will continue to be flexible and develop innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs.