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Creative Teller Envelopes to Sell More Services

Drive your brand message.

Technology has changed the way consumers handle their finances and visit branches. And it’s become increasingly challenging for banks and credit unions to make meaningful connections with their customers.

Branches continue to play a vital role in the service experience. And you need creative solutions that sell your products and make memorable brand impressions — with every transaction and with every interaction.

Helping you bank better.

At JBM, we believe teller envelopes are powerful tools for consistently reinforcing your bank’s or credit union’s brand across customer touchpoints. Cross sell other financial products and services, and extend marketing messages. Promote your brand, while keeping customers’ money and cards secure.

JBM began in the envelope business for financial services over 30 years ago. It’s where we got our start. Since then we’ve built an industry reputation for quality open end envelopes used by banks, credit unions, and credit card companies around the world. Our advanced printing and production processes were designed to meet quality standards that precisely capture your brand colors and identity.

Impactful full-color designs guarantee your brand will be remembered. Check out an innovative redesign of the drive-up envelope, our PromoteVelope – a unique way to extend your brand beyond the teller envelope.

Let’s make your banking envelopes do more for your business.

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Powerful tools to extend your brand.

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Our customers have great experiences to share. We’re proud of the advanced solutions and improved efficiencies we’ve helped develop for them.