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Branded Packaging that Says Welcome

Connect through the power of branding.

In hospitality and travel, it’s critical to take advantage of every opportunity to make a brand impression. Every aspect of the guest experience deserves attention. It’s essential that branded products send the right message – from the moment guests arrive at the reception desk to the final impressions upon departure.

Branded touchpoints can be presented throughout the guest experience. And great brand experiences result in repeat visits, positive reviews, and referrals.

Designed to please.

At JBM, we realize how packaging plays that critical role in branding and performance in the hospitality industry. Every aspect of the brand touchpoint must be consistent – from valet envelopes, to key card envelopes, to receipt holders.

We collaborate with you to ensure you have the branded products that invite travelers to return again and again. From the choices made about material and construction to meet the functional and security benefits required for valet envelopes and key cards, to the perfect color matching required for brand consistency and promotions.

And as the largest manufacturer of open end envelopes, we offer extensive envelope options for your operational needs – from catalog and cashier envelopes, to a variety of specialty envelopes and mailers.

Let’s meet your guests’ highest expectations.

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