Contract Packing and Filling Services

Your One-Stop Shop for Packaged Product

We know packaging can be a headache. That’s why we want to make your packaging experience as effortless as possible. From bagging to kitting, our comprehensive in-house packing services let you tackle multiple jobs with one partner. This simplifies processes and minimizes communication errors, helping you get quality products to your customers faster.

contract packaging services

Let us pack your product.

We offer a variety of automated and manual packing depending on your product. With a single point of contact, we make sure your package is designed and filled not only to your brand’s standards, but also to any regulatory standards required in your industry.

Let us warehouse your packaging.

With our warehousing services, you can take advantage of higher volumes with lower unit costs. We’ll store extra inventory for you until you need it, and when it’s time, we’ll ship the packaging to its next destination or pack your product for you.

packing solutions

Here’s how we can help:

Ready to grow your business with our packing services? Speak with one of our specialists to learn more about ways we can help optimize your packing processes. We have a variety of options to insert your product into your final package. We’d be happy to explore if we are the right partner for you.


Moving away from polybags? Let us insert your product into our paper envelopes and bags.


We can fold, glue and fill your product into a variety of conveniently sized carton packages.

Assembly and Kitting

For manual projects that involve assembling multiple pieces or creating ready-to-ship kits, we can arrange and package your product.


From manual to automated packing services, we have a variety of options to quickly pack your products.


We’ll fill your product into pouches of various sizes and securely seal them for safe transport.

Seed Filling

For filling seed packets, our automated seed filling machines can package your seeds into finished product.

Why Pack with JBM?

Single Point of Contact

From design, manufacture and final delivery of your finished, packaged product, JBM is your one-stop shop. We perform all of the jobs ourselves – in-house—taking full accountability of everything that happens at each stage of the process, and we ensure your packaging is completed with the highest standards.

Fast Timelines

When we manufacture your packaging and pack your product, we cut out unnecessary transportation and potential delays. This means your finished product is ready for your customers faster.

Optimized Packaging

Packing your product gives us unique insight into ways we can improve the design of your packaging. Whether it’s small tweaks that reduce waste or larger adaptations that increase filling speeds, our innovation team works directly with you to make changes quickly, saving you money.

Social Impact

Through our Fair Chance program, we hire formerly incarcerated individuals to run our packing services. By working with us, you help provide jobs to individuals who often struggle to find regular employment after leaving prison.

Let us help with your envelope and packaging opportunities.

From uniquely custom concepts to blank stock envelopes, we help you design and build iconic packaging that differentiates your products and grows your business.