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JBM redesigns Bone Marrow Registry Kit for Help Remedies

Help Remedies is a pharmaceutical company that produces and retails simple and straightforward remedies. Their single-ingredient, over-the-counter medications are noted for their unique product packaging and design ethic. All products are packaged in a flat, white textured box that opens like a tin.


For those suffering from a blood disease, such as leukemia, bone marrow transplant matches are exceedingly difficult to find. To try to improve those odds, Help Remedies produced a Marrow Registry Kit. If a donor accidentally gets cut, they can easily submit blood to the world’s largest bone marrow donation center, DKMS. The Marrow Registry Kit includes a bandage, instruction sheet, cotton swab, registration packet, and return envelope. Help Remedies had a vision of a new design for their return envelope to simplify the process. The envelope needed to be highly secure, confidential, and durable to keep contents safe during transit.


JBM’s Innovation Team collaborated with Help Remedies to begin the process of designing a solution. JBM utilized a weather resistant, blood barrier paper to improve the durability of the packaging. The team created an open end business reply envelope with a long, perforated flap to conceal the donor’s personal information. The flap is gummed in two places for extra security during transit. The perforation makes it easier for DKMS employees to tear off the flap to reveal donor information for simplified processing.


Help Remedies was so pleased with the envelope that they asked JBM for assistance in redesigning the entire Marrow Registry Kit. Upon reviewing the kit, JBM noted that it bulged and needed a rubber band to hold everything in place. The kit also utilized a sticker to hold the contents together, which was often torn during shipping. To solve the issue, JBM replaced the sticker with a small, thumb-cut envelope to securely hold the contents. They also referred Help Remedies to a company that could quarter fold the envelope to allow for a better fit inside the kit, eliminating the bulge and need for a rubber band. These steps resulted in a kit that was secure, confidential, and durable. JBM was able to help solve Help Remedies’ challenge and provide them with an innovative packaging solution that exceeded their expectations.

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