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Good Chocolate

Glassine packet success for The Good Chocolate Company

The Good Chocolate Company from San Francisco is the first bean-to-bar chocolate that is 100% organic and made exclusively without sugar. The main marketing challenge was fighting the perception that sugar-free means “taste-free.” The Good Chocolate is creamy and indulgent tasting, yet doesn’t contain sugar. It has 30% less calories than similar 65% cacao chocolate and helps prevent tooth decay.


The Good Chocolate Company’s packaging strategy was twofold. First, they wanted to create a small-sized piece of chocolate that would cost less than $2.50, which consumers could try without breaking the bank. Second, they needed a package that was beautiful. Their packaging needed to catch consumer attention and pique their interest to learn about and purchase their unique product. The Good Chocolate Company was happy using glassine for their packaging because of its economical yet high impact solution. The downside was that only their label was being laser printed on the glassine. At the time, laser printing did not allow for a lot of ink and coloring on the glassine. The Good Chocolate was in need of a small glassine package that would take an imprint of a beautiful image of the goddess Victory, in 6 different colors for their 6 flavors (Dark, Almond, Ginger, Mint, Salt, and Milk).


The Good Chocolate Company came to JBM, the industry leader in glassine packaging, with their specific requirements. We had yet to print such detailed, gradient artwork on glassine, but we ran tests of their artwork with success. We were then able to move forward with this innovative project. After experimenting with different Pantone colors, different thicknesses of glassine paper, and different image resolutions,

we achieved The Good Chocolate Company’s desired result. They approved the final artwork, which included a color fade, switch to 40# glassine, and more contrast in the art. JBM printed the 6 different colors in the same run.


The outcome of the glassine packaging was sensational. JBM was able to provide The Good Chocolate Company with an innovative solution. They have grown their store base by 400% since they launched the new packaging. They received such positive feedback that they decided to accelerate their business plan and launch a new repackaged chocolate bar in the next 2 months, 4 months ahead of schedule. The project was also a huge win for JBM in that we had success printing detailed art on glassine, which put us one step ahead of other suppliers and allowed for more versatility when working with glassine papers.

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