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JBM solves packaging problem for Midco Global, Inc.

Midco Global Inc. is a leading supplier of agricultural research and production supplies. They specialize in offering packaging solutions for planting and harvesting season, pollinating, plant research, and other related needs.


Midco provides agricultural supplies, including JBM’s commercial seed packets, to a worldwide customer base. One of Midco’s customers asked for help on an issue they had using a standard, commercial seed packet with a hole. The customer needed to fill the packet with seeds prior to shipping overseas, however, seeds would spill out through the hole and cause excess waste. Hoping to solve this issue, the customer decided to place a staple on either side of the hole to minimize waste. Once the packets were received at their final destination, the farmers would hang the packets on a rod to prepare for planting. Midco heard about the excessive time spent stapling the hole and wanted to help their customer. To solve this problem, Midco sought out the help of JBM’s Innovation Team.


JBM’s Innovation Team quickly got into action by collaborating with Midco to understand the root cause of the problem. Several ideas were generated and one simple solution arose – a perforated hole pattern. Instead of

punching a hole all the way through the paper, JBM would apply a perforated hole pattern to securely hold the seeds, then be hung on a rod. To prove this solution worked, JBM created a prototype and sent to Midco for testing within 24 hours of development.


The JBM Innovation Team was able to deliver an innovative solution to Midco’s problem, which improved throughput on the end user’s side and lowered the overall cost. The new packaging design eliminated the
additional step of stapling the packets and allowed the farmer to continue hanging the packets prior to planting. The solution was such a success for the original customer, Midco decided to introduce this new product to the balance of their customer base.

“JBM designed an envelope that exceeded our expectations and saved production hours of time– the team is still smiling.”


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