Card Protectors & Holders

  • Increase brand awareness and advertise promotions
  • Specialty papers offer tear resistance
  • RFID card sleeves increase safety and security

Credit card and hotel key card holders (also known as card sleeves or key card jackets) prevent the wear of a card’s magnetic strip by keeping cards secure and separated. But the card holder can also deliver a strong brand reinforcement, while protecting the security strips.

Designed for Security and Brand Impact

Card holder envelopes not only minimize problems like malfunctioning cards, they also present a great way to support your brand, add promotions, and note important amenities. JBM’s card holder envelopes do more than protect the end user’s card. Custom features add new value to the holders – such as tear-off coupons for promotions, unique folds and flaps, and deep thumb-cut designs for easy card access.

Specialty papers are available – such as RFID blocking material that helps protect identity theft by blocking signals to prevent skimming or unauthorized card use. Emphasize the value of your brand with our high quality printing, while protecting ATM, credit or hotel key cards.