Specialty Envelopes

  • Unique shapes and sizes accommodate hard-to-package products
  • Specialty papers of different substrates and weights meet demanding requirements
  • Impressive design features draw attention to specific product attributes

Packaging functions differently for different products. Some products are difficult to package – from tiny buttons to heavy hardware parts to long fragrance reed diffusers. Standard envelopes or packets may not accommodate the specific display or performance requirements.

Special Ways to Present Your Products

Unique product attributes require special attention to packaging shape, construction, and materials. At JBM, we’re experts at hard-to-package products. Our custom specialty envelopes are used for jewelry repair, hardware drill bits, extra buttons for apparel, and many other challenging applications. Our Innovation Team works on the hard problems – that others may not want to tackle – to design a custom solution for your unique product specifications. Our specialty envelopes can be customized with unique shapes, open and filmed windows, gussets, perf patterns, or special print effects. Careful packaging goes a long way to effectively store and present your product.