• Breathable packaging allows fragrance to effectively diffuse
  • High impact color printing attracts retail attention and supports numerous copies
  • Innovative testing eliminates reactions among packet materials

Sachet packets should add to the sensory appeal of your product – not take away from it. Paper materials and adhesives can chemically react with the fragrance oils of the product, diminishing the overall presentation. Selecting the appropriate paper materials and print methods are important considerations to eliminate paper stain and discolorations.

Scent-worthy Packaging that Performs

JBM’s sachet packet solutions were developed after extensive research and testing of various papers and oils. Our Innovation Team analyzes the chemical reactions that occur among papers, adhesives, coatings, and filled product – how they all interact. Our sachets withstand different types of fragrance compounds, yet print beautifully – with no discoloration, no bleeding.

Engage end users with a detachable, perforated coupon or gift tag. Or add a hanging feature to hang sachet packets in closets and small spaces.