Specialty Mailers

Break Through with One-of-a-Kind Designs

Many tactics exist to make a direct mail piece stand out from the crowd. Copy. Offer. Images. Color. But standing out in a cluttered mailbox is a challenge. The outer envelope is the first opportunity to engage recipients. It is the key to getting your direct mail opened. And distinctive techniques can be a game changer.

An unopened envelope is a lost opportunity. At JBM, we believe the envelope should get just as much attention as what goes inside of it. Our unique designs and distinctive shapes win the customer’s mailbox. We customize envelopes specifically for your direct mail projects. From shape-based and transpromotional mailers to booklet and catalog envelopes. We help you think through the details of your outer envelope to get your direct mail package opened.

Increase your envelope’s chance of getting opened.

We add life to your direct mail pieces by incorporating unique tactile elements from paper stocks, coatings, and features such as custom-shaped windows and perforated tear-away strips. Our expertise with premium printing applications and textural treatments such as embossing, strike through varnishes, soft touch and spot coatings inspire the “touch impulse” to stimulate engagement.

The JBM Innovation Team literally “pushed the envelope” on design to create our ShapeVelope® shape-based envelopes. Designing a shape-cut envelope gives you more creative freedom versus standard business envelopes. JBM can create highly customizable sizes and shapes that extend the shape beyond the envelope. Customers have cited improved results with this innovative format. ShapeVelopes may qualify for USPS Tactile, Sensory & Interactive Engagement promotions.

Our inserter-friendly mailer designs achieve the quality requirements of high-speed inserting equipment to make the mailstream delivery process more efficient. We can help with postal friendly mailpieces to keep direct mail campaign costs down and engagement up.

Mailers that Make a Compelling Statement


At JBM, we look at things differently. We exist to solve our customers’ toughest packaging challenges. Our creative problem-solving approach and collaborative innovation process leads to product advancements that consistently achieve successful outcomes for our customers.

Get The Right Solution

Put our innovation to work for you. Let our Innovation Team help you explore all of the possibilities to build the perfect package.