Our Core Values Nurture Our Company

Our Foundation

Our Core Values form who we are and who we want to be going forward. They drive our company’s Vision – to be recognized as the role model for a sustainable, purpose-driven company.

See our Core Values in action! They are what makes JBM different from other companies.


Collaboration is a key reason customers do business with JBM Packaging. We’re ready to take on new challenges and initiatives. Our customers consistently emphasize that the value of working with JBM is the collaborative relationship. The JBM team works hand in hand with our customers’ teams to explore possibilities and help solve their packaging issues. We aim to build a relationship for decades – not just for the next order.

Collaboration is more than teamwork. And it’s more than working on a single project together. It’s in our daily operations and integrated into all aspects of our work. We share the responsibilities, the challenges, and the wins to achieve JBM’s and our customers’ goals.

Ideas and information spread more easily when team members collaborate, which positively impacts JBM’s performance. Sharing new ideas and knowledge lets others see things from different perspectives, spurs their own work in new directions, and moves the organization forward. We maximize individual contributions while leveraging the collective intelligence of everyone involved. And leveraging individual expertise has helped the entire team become a better version of themselves. These collaborative relationships allow us to accomplish more than we would be able to achieve ourselves.

A huge component of Collaboration is feedback. We actively foster cross-departmental communications, proactively share information and ideas, and break down any silos. At monthly company meetings, we keep the entire team aware of how we are doing.

We’ve produced great results! Our Collaboration efforts have resulted in better problem solving, reduced costs, new product innovations, and improved processes. We value the strong collaborative bonds we’ve developed with each other, our customers, and the community. When we connect, great things happen!

Ask Yourself

  • What new project or challenge have you taken on recently?
  • Did you encourage and embrace input given from other team members?
  • Have you given a team member feedback?
  • Did you recognize a team member’s contribution today?
  • Who are your customers and how can you make their lives better or easier?
  • How did you bring value to others?

Model Behaviors

  • Empower others by sharing feedback, knowledge, and best practices
  • Ask for ideas and be open minded to other points of view
  • Feel safe voicing your opinions
  • Promote a “we” before “me” approach
  • Learn from others
  • Allow and learn from mistakes


At JBM, we choose to embrace challenging work. We choose to innovate and continuously improve. We choose these things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. We choose to win. The harder we work, the more satisfied and loyal customers we have.

If everything we did was easy, everyone else would be doing it already. Doing the hard things requires more than talent and intelligence. It requires Grit. We define Grit as a combination of passion, resilience, determination, and focus. Grit enables us to maintain the discipline and optimism to persevere in the face of challenges or failure. It means approaching both personal and professional achievement as a marathon, and staying the course regardless of challenges or setbacks. It means recovering from failure quickly, never giving up, and keeping the end goal in mind along the journey.

Some people respond to hard work and failures by quitting. Grit allows us to continue forward despite any setbacks. Without Grit we may fail to achieve our most ambitious and impactful goals. Grit makes JBM a better company, our team members better people, and helps us deliver better results.

We all benefit when we overcome challenging problems together. We achieve great things through firmness of mind and unyielding determination. When every team member at JBM displays Grit, we all win!

Ask Yourself

  • Do you keep a positive attitude during difficult situations?
  • Have you let obstacles stop you from achieving your goals?
  • When faced with challenges, do you respond positively or negatively?
  • Is the way you respond to challenges something you would be proud to teach another team member?

Model Behaviors

  • Continuously overcome obstacles
  • Display courage and determination when facing adversity
  • Focus on ideas and solutions
  • Bounce back quickly after a failure or setback
  • Never, never, ever give up
  • Remain optimistic throughout the journey
  • Maintain passion and perseverance for the long term

One of JBM’s top priorities is helping team members become the best version of themselves. We believe everyone can change and grow. A Growth Mindset creates a powerful passion for learning and developing ourselves. It’s this mindset that allows us to thrive during some of the most challenging times.

We are not discouraged by failure. We actually see failure as a springboard for growth and stretching our abilities – and sticking with it even when it’s not going well. Perseverance and resilience are developed by having a Growth Mindset.

Our Growth Mindset drives both Better Solutions and Better Lives on a daily basis. We recognize there is always room for improvement in our journey to become the best version of ourselves. Our Growth Mindset actively seeks ways to develop, grow, and learn, and finds lessons and inspiration in the success of others.

We thrive on challenge, and we challenge you to grow. Seek feedback, increase your self-awareness, remain humble. When you work your hardest, you can become your best.

Ask Yourself

  • Have you sought out constructive feedback?
  • What was the last new thing that you learned?
  • Have you recently stretched yourself outside of your comfort zone?
  • Do you really believe everyone has the potential to improve?

Model Behaviors

  • Execute in the present, but think in the future
  • Accept coaching and implement changes
  • Seek and embrace new challenges and assignments
  • Actively work to be the best version of yourself both personally and professionally
  • Hungry for new skills and knowledge
  • Understand focus areas for growth
  • Believe that improvement is possible

At JBM, we look at things differently. We exist to solve problems – the tough problems other companies may not want to tackle. When customers come across a challenge, they count on JBM to help solve it. When our folding machine’s manual states a size is too small to run, we figure out how to run it. When other companies have a shortage of qualified workers, JBM has a pipeline of potential team members.

We share an Innovation mindset. We believe small improvements can lead to big outcomes. Innovation is not just for products. It’s a process that can be applied to make everything better, every day. Once you’ve uncovered the Innovation, don’t stop – continue thinking of ways to make it even better.

Proposing new ideas to solve problems takes courage and creativity. It also requires our team members to be humble and open minded to receive new ideas. Our Innovation journey consists of victories and failures. We take on the failures optimistically and learn from them. Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, and Fail Forward.

Innovating is hard, but it’s worth it. We created our Innovation Process to help our customers achieve their goals. We love working on complex problems. That sets us apart. And that allows us to grow.

Ask Yourself

  • Are you asking “why?”
  • Are you willing to fail and learn from that failure?
  • What could you do differently to improve your daily work?
  • Do you view new challenges optimistically?
  • Did you see a problem and try to make it better?
  • Are you open to change?

Model Behaviors

  • Do not accept the statement … “because that’s how it’s always been done”
  • Challenge the status quo
  • See failures as learnings
  • Adopt a process-oriented mindset
  • Seek to understand and make improvements
  • Approach problems and challenges with an open mind
  • Celebrate improvements

We all have a stake in the success of JBM Packaging. For JBM to be successful, it requires that all team members are fully invested in the vision, purpose, and values of the business. When our company is filled with team members who think and act like owners, work is more meaningful, rewarding, and enjoyable.

It takes the effort of every “owner” in the company to move it forward. You are not just an employee filling a role. As an “owner” in the company, you care for and oversee an important part of the business. It’s not just about getting your job done. It includes understanding how the company operates, our goals, and helping out across functions. It’s about not walking past a problem without fixing it or raising a flag. It’s about using existing resources before simply spending the money – “creativity before capital.” It’s about Ownership.

When something isn’t performing well, goals aren’t being met, or mistakes are made, true owners acknowledge they own the shortfall. They develop and communicate their plan to get the off-track area back on track. They do not blame others or look for excuses. They simply own the failure and act to return to positive performance.

Ownership is different than accountability. Accountability is doing what you’re supposed to do because it is expected of you. Ownership is doing what needs to be done because you expect it of yourself. It’s about taking the initiative to bring about positive results, and caring about the outcome as much as Marcus would.

Our team members as “owners” love their job, stay longer with the company, and walk the extra mile to broaden their skills and expertise. You don’t have to be the actual owner of JBM Packaging to “own it.”

Ask Yourself

  • Have you gone above and beyond what is expected of you?
  • Are you leaving your “mark” on the company?
  • Have you put your heart into your work today?
  • Did you ask at least one question today to better understand how to make JBM better?
  • Are you leading by example?
  • What proactive step did you take today that prepares you to win tomorrow?
  • Did you step in and help a team member – without asking for something in return?

Model Behaviors

  • Help out even when it’s “not your job”
  • Treat the company’s resources as if they were your own
  • Take responsibility and learn from mistakes
  • Seek input and encourage feedback from others
  • Do the right thing
  • Take ownership – not blame others or make excuses

At first blush, our name, JBM Packaging, may imply we are here to simply make packaging. While this is extremely important, we exist to help those around us live better, healthier, more fulfilling lives. This ranges from giving back locally to Interfaith Hospitality Network to promoting our Fair Chance Program that has the potential to change the trajectory of so many lives.

Passion for a Better World is the heart of JBM. We believe passionate team members make the world a better place. We know each team member can contribute something unique, positive, and impactful to make improvements – no matter how big or small.

Passion for a Better World starts with us. Our goal is to help each team member become the best version of him or herself. Every person can make a change for the better. We meet the team member where they are in life. We value walking with the team member and being a part of their growth. We are here to support each person on this journey through coaching, mentoring, and numerous educational classes designed to improve the lives of our team. We need each team member to get involved. By getting involved, we build a strong foundation to be better equipped to make positive changes for a Better World.

Understanding the overall environmental impact of the products we manufacture helps drive our Passion for a Better World. We want each team member to understand the life (how it is created and used) and death (how it affects the environment thereafter) of our products. JBM strives to manufacture products from renewable, paper-based substrates because we have the death of our products in mind. Incremental steps can lead to significant improvements.

We depend on our team members to care about each other, our community, and our world. When we care, meaningful change will lead to a Better World.

Ask Yourself

  • Have you improved someone’s day today?
  • Are you passionate about your work?
  • Have you made someone smile?
  • Have you shown a small act of kindness today?
  • Are you passionate about making a Better World?
  • Do you believe in what we are doing and that we can accomplish it together?
  • Have you implemented a change for the better – no matter how big or small?
  • Would others say you are operating with an open mind and open heart?
  • Are others leaving better and happier after they interact with you?

Model Behaviors

  • Protect and live JBM’s core values
  • Take the time to make someone smile
  • Actively listen to show presence, appreciation, and empathy
  • Conviction to improve our (JBM, Customers, Suppliers) environmental impact
  • Participate in Better World programs and events
  • Inspire passion in others
  • Lead by example and walk the talk