Customer-Driven Innovation

Packaging innovations are essential for growth.

Packaging plays a central role in differentiation and setting your brand apart. And innovations in packaging shape the perception of your product and make it memorable. That’s why you need an innovative approach to packaging that highlights your products and creates a lasting impression.

Innovation is key to our culture and core to our business.

Looking at a finished envelope or package, you may not realize all of the technology, testing, and innovation involved in creating it.

Do you need seed packets that don’t fade when exposed to UV rays? Chocolate packaging that excites the senses? Parking violation envelopes that don’t fall apart when it rains? Drive-up envelopes that extend your brand message? Or do you need to improve throughput on your inserting equipment?

From concept through completion, we share an innovation mindset. When others in the industry come across a hard problem, they think of JBM as a company that will take care of it. We are passionate about taking on the hard problems and seeing them through to new packaging possibilities that add value for our customers.

Turning your packaging challenges into opportunities.

Our Innovation Team actively collaborates with your team to analyze your current packaging challenges – from product properties and production processes, to environmental and supply chain conditions, to merchandising and end user requirements.

While projects often have challenges that need to be addressed, many also have opportunities that should be explored. By carefully listening and engaging with your team, we identify new concepts and apply them against existing designs and processes. We analyze the chemical reactions that occur among papers, adhesives, inks, filled product – how they all interact. And conduct a battery of tests to overcome “death threats” identified in new concepts.

New ways of approaching packaging are key to helping you achieve your sales goals and realize operational efficiencies. Our customers have experienced not only increased revenues with completed innovation projects, but also reduced costs and improved throughput and production volume. We’ll help accelerate new concepts to market faster.

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