5 Ways Working Directly with a Packaging Manufacturer Reduces Your Risk

working with a packaging manufacturer

Packaging matters. According to Inc. magazine, the way a product’s packaging looks is just as important as the product itself. It tells your consumers why your product and brand are different and makes it stand out on the shelf. It can also create a one-of-a-kind opening experience, offering an opportunity to engage and connect with your customers in a unique way.

Layer this on top of the fact that consumers are now paying more attention to the environment, and you can see why packaging design is so important. In fact, a study conducted by McKinsey & Company found that 60 to 70 percent of consumers said they would pay more for sustainable packaging. Knowing how to incorporate more sustainable attributes into your packaging matters more than ever in packaging design.

That’s why choosing the right packaging partner is so important. A distributor serves as a middleman between you and the manufacturer; whereas, working directly with a manufacturer provides you with greater control over the entire process. In a time of supply chain disruptions, this helps minimize risk and gives you visibility into all facets of the production process, from design to delivery.

Here are 5 ways working directly with a packaging manufacturer can save you time and resources while giving you the peace of mind you need in today’s market.

1. There’s better accountability.

When you work directly with a manufacturer, you have a direct connection to the individuals producing your product. Your in-house consultant will know exactly what’s achievable when it comes to designing and creating your packaging — no more back and forth with multiple representatives. This improves accountability throughout the manufacturing process by eliminating unnecessary middlemen while also offering greater flexibility and support.

2. You can go to market faster.

Manufacturers are often more agile, allowing you to save time and get to market faster. From start to finish, your manufacturing team has complete control and accountability throughout each stage of your project timeline, which shortens lead times. This helps you bring your product to market (with better packaging) more quickly, which means faster sales.

3. The experts are at your fingertips.

Working directly with a manufacturer means you consult with the trained team who knows the equipment inside and out, understands your challenges and continually innovates to help improve the design and performance of your packaging. It also means your account rep often works steps from the factory floor, allowing you to test concepts or make changes faster and more efficiently while creating unique packaging that reflects your brand.

4. You’ll have greater control of the supply chain.

When the market experiences a strain (e.g., a paper shortage), the manufacturer has greater control over the process and inventory than a distributor, because they have better relationships with the suppliers. Manufacturers also have a better visibility throughout the supply chain and can provide you with insight into the origin of your product materials. For example, JBM produces all of our products in the U.S. and a majority of our materials are sourced domestically.

5. Build a foundation for future growth.

Building a strong long-term relationship with a manufacturer means they get to know your business inside and out allowing them to innovative faster as your needs change and your business grows. When your team fully understands your business, packaging solutions and offerings can be tailored to your needs. The manufacturer can add in various features, improve processes (in filling and/or packing, for example) or find ways to reduce the costs because there is better control of the entire process. See how JBM helped these two customers find ways to improve processes and increase its branding potential.

As a business owner, you want to mitigate risk to ensure quality throughout all aspects of your business. Choosing the right packaging partner will help you avoid risks throughout the fulfillment process while also preparing your business for long-term growth.

JBM Packaging is a purpose-driven packaging manufacturer, which means we develop and deliver solutions in-house, getting to know you and your business goals. From designing your packaging solution to printing, filling and even shipping — you have one single point of contact who will simplify the process for you from beginning to end. No more sourcing and managing multiple vendors.

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