Glassine for Collectors

  • Acid free and pH neutral properties protect photos and specimens
  • Transparent properties allow you to view valuables without causing damage
  • Protects against grease, water, air, and moisture

With the significant amount of time, effort, and resources collectors commit to their collections, it is essential to have reliable packaging to protect them. Glassine is the perfect choice for all types of collections because of its ability to protect contents. In fact, the United States Postal Service (USPS) recommends glassine envelopes to protect stamps.

Protect and Preserve Collectibles

Packaging that protects valuable items from moisture, air, and other elements is very important in the philatelic (stamp collecting), numismatic (coin collecting), photography, and other hobby and collecting fields. Glassine’s acid-free and archival properties have made it a top packaging choice for conservation, preservation, and storage. JBM specializes in glassine packaging for collectibles, including coins, stamps, insects, photos, arts and crafts. Our glassine envelopes and packages are designed to showcase collectibles, while protecting against grease, moisture, and other damaging elements that can threaten the value of the items. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, glassine is an excellent choice for sustainability.