Johnny Cupcakes

Elevating its Brand Through Packaging


Johnny Earle’s company, Johnny Cupcakes, pokes fun at pop culture by creating t-shirts with designs that replace known references with cupcakes. With a cult following around the world, Johnny wanted his packaging to be memorable, but his current plastic polybags weren’t living up to his expectations and he knew they were ending up in the landfill. Johnny was seeking an eco-friendly solution that could match his experienced-based brand. He also needed a quick turnaround before the busy holiday season — a deadline that was only two months away.


After an extensive discovery process, the JBM team recommended glassine, a completely brandable material made 100% from paper that is recyclable, biodegradable and made from renewable materials. And because JBM is the glassine packaging manufacturer (not a distributor), it had full control of the design, quality, printing and lead times. From design to printing, Johnny felt fully engaged with the team which made the process seamless and fast.

The final packaging was a beautiful glassine bag with a one-color full coverage design and a peel-and-seal closure that was completed in time for the holiday season.

I couldn’t be happier with my new packaging. I really feel my customers are connecting with it and it’s helping with the longevity of my brand and encouraging repeat customers.”

— Johnny Earle


Johnny was now able to communicate his brand story through his packaging by incorporating bold iconic graphics and messaging that highlighted the sustainable attributes of the packaging. And his customers are loving it. They’re sharing their “opening” experiences on social media, reusing the packaging as a gift bag and even framing their new bags as keepsakes. On a personal level, Johnny is thrilled that his packaging supports JBM’s Fair Chance Program, helping provide formerly incarcerated workers with meaningful job skills. Johnny says he hopes to be a JBM customer for life and can’t wait to create the next iteration of branded packaging that he and his customers can have fun with.

Using Packaging to Tell the Story

Johnny is all about creating memorable experiences, even with his packaging. In fact, he likes to say that good packaging shouldn’t be thrown away. It should act as a miniature billboard that tells his story and leaves a lasting impression on his customers.


Before Johnny partnered with JBM, he was using plastic poly bags that didn’t connect with his customers. His company was experience-based with an insanely creative brand but none of that was communicated, and the opening experience was lackluster.


He now utilizes a beautifully designed glassine bag that has transformed his packaging into a valuable brand asset. It clearly communicates his brand story, beliefs, and sustainability efforts — all with humor and wit. His customers are cherishing it, displaying it in frames, and showing their love on social media.

This story can be your story. Ready to create your new package?