Collection & Remittance Envelopes

  • Proprietary, water-resistant paper withstands the environment
  • Custom perforation patterns aid in managing distribution and tracking
  • Multi-purpose envelopes combine identification, permits, and payments

Improving compliance for payment requires features where payment becomes a convenience, rather than a hindrance, to the recipient. And ensuring facilities fees and outstanding citations are paid requires easy-to-use, attention-grabbing techniques.

Streamline Collection Methods

Municipalities can take proactive steps to manage collection and payment systems. JBM’s collection and remittance envelopes are designed for ease of use and high visibility. Our parking violation envelopes are designed with durable, water-resistant paper to ensure parking tickets are preserved, even in heavy rain. Fluorescent colors are especially effective to increase visibility and ensure the violator sees the ticket. And perforations make it easier for government employees to issue citations.

Our recreation envelopes help facilities manage payments at parks and campgrounds – with a flexible, multi-part perforated construction that identifies daily permits and simplifies payments. Our process for consistent perforation depth and patterns allows for easy tear-offs. And consecutive numbering or barcoding can be added for tracking.