Shape-based Mailers

  • Engage customers with a compelling “Open Me” marketing tool
  • Innovative ShapeVelope® mailers are designed with precision die-cut shapes
  • Vivid color printing and textural treatments such as embossing create impact

Creating standout direct mail is essential to driving response rates. The outer envelope is more important than ever. But the design is no longer constrained to the borders of a standard envelope. Including an unexpected element to the outer envelope increases the chance the envelope is opened. Shape-based envelopes create the visual impact that attracts attention and drives open rates.

Stand Out From the Rest

Research has shown that leveraging the physical aspects of the mailpiece can significantly impact brand recognition and message recall. At JBM, we believe the shape and structure of the envelope is fundamental to transforming an ordinary mailpiece into a standout piece that demands to be opened. Our Innovation Team created truly “cutting edge” mailer designs with the ShapeVelope. The mailers are open side envelopes with a die-cut shape off one side. The graphic design trails off the edge to create a unique effect. Customers cited improved results with this attention-grabbing format.

ShapeVelopes are successful across categories – from financial offers to entertainment campaigns and standout promotions. Emphasize envelope graphics with creative images, eye-catching logos, or fluorescent sticky notes. Imagine the impact and the response rate.

Beyond direct mail, these unique envelopes are an innovative way to present marketing materials for trade show takeaways, point-of-sale promotions, special events, and sales presentation leave-behinds.