Open End Envelopes

Envelopes with Extraordinary Possibilities

Looking at a finished envelope, you may not see all of its possibilities. And you may not realize all of the technology, testing, and innovation involved in creating it. Each envelope represents an opportunity to drive your brand message.

At JBM, we believe the envelope should get just as much attention as what goes inside of it. We see all of the possibilities that can transform an envelope into a functional and creative vehicle that helps protect the contents, promote your brand, and streamline your operations.

We began as an envelope company 35 years ago. It’s where we got our start. Since then we’ve built an industry reputation for quality custom envelopes used by companies around the world. And as the largest manufacturer of open end envelopes, we offer extensive options for your operational and branding needs – from drive-up and coin envelopes to a variety of specialty envelopes and mailers.

Expand your envelope design options. We customize envelopes specifically for your market needs and help you think through the details of your application. We add life to your envelopes by incorporating unique tactile elements from stocks, coatings, and specialty finishing such as embossing, unique folds and gussets, perforations, custom-shaped windows, and tear-off coupons for additional marketing opportunities.

Our custom open end envelope innovations and high impact printing techniques have helped customers increase sales, improve downstream productivity, and create a stronger brand presence.

Open End Envelopes That Do More

Bring your envelopes to life – special sizes, printing, and finishing.

Envelopes may be one of the most critical marketing tools for your product. And it may be the first opportunity to engage recipients. There are many ways envelopes can get attention. Size. Color. Windows. Texture.

JBM can produce captivating custom envelopes to enhance your marketing efforts. Our complex finishing capabilities make open end envelopes special and more interesting. Our expertise with premium printing applications and textural treatments such as embossing, strike through varnishes, soft touch and spot coatings will make your envelopes stand out. Combining embossing with printing will transform a relatively ordinary envelope into something more. Our embossed designs leap from the paper, creating a three-dimensional effect that draws you in. Our embossing precisely holds registration so you see the finer details that are sometimes lost in the printing process.

Turnkey start to finish.

Our envelope manufacturing workflow is turnkey start to finish. High end offset printing, die cutting, folding, and embossing – all in house and all under one roof – which decrease complexity and improve turnaround time, reducing your time to market. Managing the process from raw materials to finished products ensures quality control and consistency.

We follow GMP quality standards, required for the most stringent applications. Our high end state-of-the-art envelope folding equipment – combined with our mechanical engineering expertise – allow our production team to modify the equipment to hold tighter tolerances dimensionally. We’ve actually tightened the industry standards for dimensional envelopes by more than 50%. These process and quality tolerances improve downstream inserting efficiency and throughput, allowing your equipment to run faster and lowering filling labor costs.


At JBM, we look at things differently. We exist to solve our customers’ toughest packaging challenges. Our creative problem-solving approach and collaborative innovation process leads to product advancements that consistently achieve successful outcomes for our customers.

Get The Right Solution

Put our innovation to work for you. Let our Innovation Team help you explore all of the possibilities to build the perfect package.