Sustainable Packaging for
a Better Tomorrow

Ready to Ditch the Plastic? We Can Help.

Single-use packaging has taken a heavy toll on our environment, and customers want better solutions. From taking small steps to reducing packaging waste to making bold commitments that require reimagining your packaging design, we will assist you every step of your journey to plastic-free packaging. With a wide range of sustainable paper, ink and adhesives, our durable eco-packaging solutions will withstand the rigors of manufacturing and transportation while working toward a better tomorrow.


All of JBM’s packaging is recyclable in curbside recycling programs.


We can design beautiful packaging for your brand made from our compostable paper stock.

Recycled Content

We offer a variety of solutions made from recycled fibers for your packaging needs.

Soy Inks

All of our inks are soy-based and water soluble, which produce lower Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Sustainable Sourcing

We offer a range of sustainable and ethical sourcing certifications including FSC and SFI.

Made in the USA

Our packaging is manufactured in the United States, limiting the carbon emissions from transportation to your destination.

Sourcing Certifications

By using responsibly sourced paper products from renewable materials, you support healthy forests, wildlife, and responsible forest management. We use independent third-party certifications to verify that the source of the wood supply is tracked from the forest to the product. Below are a few of our partner organizations, but we can also work with you to develop sustainable packaging solutions that help you achieve other industry certifications.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is an independent, non-profit organization that provides a rigorous certification for forest management. The FSC tracking system independently verifies the Chain of Custody through every stage of the sourcing process.

Internationally recognized and accepted, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program is the world’s most extensive single forest certification standard and provides supply chain assurances through standards and data.

From Plastic to Paper

Ready to take a step toward plastic-free packaging? Check out one of the ways we’ve helped our clients work toward a better tomorrow.

Case Study: Scientific Anglers

“We worked collaboratively with JBM to develop a biodegradable, recyclable package with a clear cellulose window. It was an instant splash because it was see-through without being made from plastic.”

-Jason Proctor, Merchandise Operations & Planning Manager, Scientific Anglers

Let us help with your envelope and packaging opportunities.

From uniquely custom concepts to blank stock envelopes, we help you design and build iconic packaging that differentiates your products and grows your business.