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Convenient Packaging to Increase Revenue

Improve cash flow and reduce errors.

Unpaid fees cost cities millions of dollars every year. Government entities and utilities rely on prompt payments to not only improve services but also minimize consumer frustrations.

Improving compliance for payment from the beginning requires features and notifications where payment becomes a convenience, rather than a hindrance, to the recipient. And ensuring facilities fees and outstanding citations are paid requires easy-to-use, attention-grabbing techniques.

Multi-purpose, cost-effective solutions to offer more control.

We help municipalities take proactive steps to manage collection and payment systems – and ultimately receive their funds. JBM envelopes offer more control over collection processes and the ability to better manage supply-and-demand issues. We offer an extensive selection of stock and custom collection and remittance envelope products that are cost effective, yet highly functional.

Our parking violation envelopes are designed with fluorescent, water-resistant paper to withstand the environment, and perforations make it easier for government employees to issue citations.

Our recreation envelopes help facilities manage payments at parks and campgrounds – with a flexible construction that offers multi-purpose uses for daily permits and payments.

Let’s streamline your collection methods.


Eye-catching options to improve collections.

Recreation & Parks

Convenient solutions for more efficient facilities management.

Correctional Facilities

Keep your operations running smoothly.

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