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Glassine Outshines Ordinary Packaging

There’s more to packaging than an attractive design and precision construction. Few packaging materials can effectively display and protect the contents like glassine. Glassine offers the distinct benefits of creative presentation plus protection. Glassine packaging is made from smooth, translucent paper that allows the natural appearance of products to show through.

Glassine’s archival properties have made it a top packaging choice for conservation, preservation, and storage. It is pH neutral, acid free, and protects against grease, water, air, and moisture. Glassine is certified for direct food contact. And it can be safely sterilized for medical applications. Because of these unique properties, it is a preferred material in seed, food, medical, and collector markets – for primary and secondary packaging.

What is Glassine?

Glassine is a smooth, translucent paper made from a manufacturing process called supercalendering. The paper pulp is beaten to break down the fibers. After pressing and drying, the paper web is passed through a stack of hard pressure rollers. This pressing of the paper fibers in the machine direction “buffs” the paper, producing a very smooth, enamel-like and acid-free surface.

Leading glassine packaging innovations – glassine envelopes, bags, and sheets.

At JBM, we specialize in glassine. For more than 15 years, we have manufactured billions of glassine bags and envelopes. We have invested years of research into perfecting the ideal glassine packaging solutions. We customize glassine into foldable packages to meet our customers’ product specifications. From mini packets to large glassine envelopes.

Our Innovation Team tested multiple inks and printing processes to balance the difficulties of printing on glassine paper. Our custom printing capabilities on glassine allow for detailed artwork or full coverage to meet your branding requirements. Full color printing accentuates package designs while allowing products to show through the packaging.

We can emboss glassine too! Embossed glassine adds a new dimension and gives packaging a high-end look and feel. Through our machine modifications and strategically adjusting guides and tension, we’ve been able to create amazing embossed packets.

Glassine is Green!

Eco-friendly glassine packaging can help lower your environmental footprint. JBM’s glassine paper starts with 100% sustainably managed forests. The paper is manufactured in an FSC® and PEFC® Chain-of-Custody certified facility. These certifications verify that the paper-based material originates from sustainably managed forests. These forests are managed in line with challenging environmental, social, and economic requirements.

Renewable and recyclable, glassine is the perfect alternative to replace non-renewable materials. It is fully recyclable and biodegradable. Glassine envelopes, packets, and bags are environmentally friendly and sustainable alternatives to plastics, films, and foils. Free from coatings or dyes. The smooth glossy appearance is the result of the supercalendaring papermaking process, not waxes or coatings.

We’ve helped customers evolve to plastic-free packaging alternatives. From substituting plastic bags with custom branded, multiple-sized glassine sleeves for drinking cups, to replacing polyester bags and stickers with custom printed glassine envelopes sealed with Pull ‘n Stick adhesive for bath products. With glassine and our other pulp-based materials, we’re focused on helping reduce the packaging environmental footprint and developing a more sustainable everyday life.

See the Impact of Glassine Packaging

Glassine packaging solutions for branding, protection, and sustainability

From stamp collecting to sterilized surgical needles to chocolate wrappers, customers have successfully used JBM’s custom printed glassine envelopes, packets, and bags across industries in numerous applications. Glassine’s unique properties make it a preferred choice for these demanding market conditions.

  • In the seed market, glassine packets allow the natural appearance of seeds to show through; and its smoothness causes less friction, allowing the smallest of seeds to be dispensed easily.
  • Glassine’s acid-free and archival properties are ideal for collectors of coins, stamps, insects, photographs, arts and crafts. The paper’s acid free and pH neutral properties protect photos and specimens, while its translucence allows you to view valuable collections without causing damage. The United States Postal Service recommends glassine envelopes to store and protect stamps.
  • In medical and laboratory settings, sterilizable glassine packaging is used to contain and protect medical accessories and specimens. The paper’s transparent properties allow you to identify and view contents, while the extremely smooth finish allows for quick transfer of package contents.
  • Food safe glassine bags and envelopes are the perfect plastic-free food packaging alternative. Chocolate makers value glassine’s grease resistance, and the glossy, translucent paper shows off chocolates beautifully.
  • For beauty care products, glassine prevents oils from exiting the package. JBM’s glassine packets are used for bath bombs and soaps. Because of the paper’s grease and oil resistant benefits, no residue seeps through to the secondary packaging.
  • For apparel, glassine’s enamel-like finish gives packages a high-end look and feel. And the translucence provides an attractive display. This creates a stronger brand presence and enhances consumers’ “opening experience” especially for e-commerce packaging.

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