Recreation & Parks

Convenient solutions for more efficient facilities management.

Create a smooth experience for visitors and employees. Collection and remittance mechanisms can perform the double duty of streamlining facility operations while simplifying the guest payment process.

JBM’s uniquely-designed recreation envelopes and passes minimize processing and wait times to improve park and campground facilities’ operations. And the all-in-one design features make it convenient for visitors to display permits and make payments.

Announce park and campground adventures and special events with JBM’s ShapeVelope®, shape-based mailers that stand out in the mailbox. And at trailheads, pavilions, or clubhouses, our disposable paper cups offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional paper cups.


At JBM, we look at things differently. We exist to solve our customers’ toughest packaging challenges. Our creative problem-solving approach and collaborative innovation process leads to product advancements that consistently achieve successful outcomes for our customers.

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