Specialty Packaging

Show off your unique brand.

Make the package part of the experience. A well-designed package that’s different from anything else on the shelf is sure to grab attention and can influence a purchase.

Let JBM help make your packaging play a leading role in your product presentation. For hard-to-package products, or product attributes that require special attention, our Innovation Team evaluates specific substrates and package configurations to create custom packaging that effectively stores and presents your product. Our custom specialty envelopes and packages are used in many challenging retail applications – from heavy, repeated use durables, to delicate and fragile items.

Packaging is the take-home part of the customer experience. Our materials, creative designs, and manufacturing versatility give your products the distinctive edge to get attention in a competitive retail environment and deliver an engaging experience.


At JBM, we look at things differently. We exist to solve our customers’ toughest packaging challenges. Our creative problem-solving approach and collaborative innovation process leads to product advancements that consistently achieve successful outcomes for our customers.

Get The Right Solution

Put our innovation to work for you. Let our Innovation Team help you explore all of the possibilities to build the perfect package.