Flat Cups

Environmentally-friendly Innovative Disposable Cups Reduce Waste

Can the disposable paper cup be innovated? At JBM it can. Thinking beyond traditional disposable drinking cup options, JBM’s Quick Cups™ were designed to save space and money – while reducing energy use and waste. These flat disposable cups are used for drinks, snacks, even dispensing medications.

The 4-ounce cups are manufactured from a leak-proof, water-resistant paper. Unlike typical conical cups, Quick Cups do not contain wax coatings – they are 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Our Quick Cups can be shipped and stored more economically than traditional paper cups. Quick Cups take up half the space of standard conical cups, which saves shipping, handling, and storage costs.

Brand your Quick Cups – enhance your communications through pre-printed logos or customized messages. Or blank stock is available for fast, cost-effective delivery.

Multiple Uses Across Categories

Our cost-effective flat cups are ready to use anywhere – from parks and recreation, to agricultural fields and manufacturing plants, to offices and delivery trucks.

Quick Cups are also convenient for medical and dental offices for medication dispensing and dental exams. The cup exterior is writeable for specific user name and prescription instructions for individual dosing.

Our 250-cup sleeve dispensers are also available for easy set up.


At JBM, we look at things differently. We exist to solve our customers’ toughest packaging challenges. Our creative problem-solving approach and collaborative innovation process leads to product advancements that consistently achieve successful outcomes for our customers.

Get The Right Solution

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