• Evenly-spaced perf pattern improves the insertion process
  • Precisely-folded square packets enhance package presentation
  • Clean folds make packets easy to open

Skewed flaps on packets cause machine insertion problems and downtime if a packet’s flap does not fold straight. But packets designed with small perforations make filling a smooth operation, and result in a clean tear.

Features that Boost Operations

Packets with crooked flaps cause jams in filling machines. To help customers fill packets faster with less downtime, JBM’s Innovation Team applied a light perf pattern through the top score – creating a crisp straight fold. This solution makes the flap easier to be machine folded, resulting in increased filling speed rates – and an enhanced brand presentation. And corner gaps are eliminated, so seeds stay safe and do not leak out of the packet.

Micro-perf is ideal for packets used in seed, food, and other consumer products markets.