Say Hello to Hydroblox: The Water-Resistant Paper You Can Recycle!

water-resistant paper

How do you drink water from an uncoated paper cup so that it doesn’t immediately fall apart? Quickly! That’s why most packaging papers exposed to rain, condensation or other elements use a plastic or wax coating to protect the paper’s integrity. The only problem with this approach is that wax-coated papers can’t be recycled in many curbside recycling streams. Instead, most go into landfills.

Not Hydroblox, our new, water-resistant, uncoated packaging paper. Like most of our packaging innovations, its development began with a specific need: We wanted to develop a recyclable alternative to the traditional paper drinking cup. 

Following extensive product development and testing, we created the ideal product using our proprietary paper: Hydroblox. Hydroblox is an uncoated, 24# paper that resists water up to 200 percent compared to other standard papers. It is also curbside recyclable–a claim tested and verified by Western Michigan University. 

We use Hydroblox in our white paper cups, which have a flat bottom and are packaged in paperboard sleeves rather than polybags. In addition, these small paper cups ship and store more economically than traditional cups. 

But what we created for a specific product quickly found use throughout several other industries we supply, including retail seeds.

“While Hydroblox was first created for drinking cups, we’ve since seen how it can be used to protect products across a variety of industries,” said Jessica Black, Director of Sales, JBM Packaging. “So many of our customers are trying to move away from plastic packaging; it can reflect poorly on their brand when not properly disposed of. Hydroblox gives our customers the peace of mind that their product and brand are protected with a recyclable solution.”

water resistant packaging

In addition to its recyclable properties, Hydroblox is FDA-approved for use with food. This includes non-perishable confectionery items and baked goods. You can also customize it by creating various sizes, perforations, color and print designs, closures and windows to match your brand. 

Could Hydroblox work for you? Here are a few other potential applications for our new water-resistant, recyclable packaging paper:

Seeds and Bulbs: Reduce the opportunity for early germination by protecting seeds, bulbs and other gardening items with Hydroblox. 

Protective Envelopes: Protect important documents such as delivery and shipping manifests, photography tickets and permits.

Art Supplies: Protect art supplies, including watercolors, canvases and pastels with water-resistant packaging: 

Stationery Products: Replace plastic stationery packages with a recyclable, water-resistant package that protects paper, cards, stickers and other stationery goods. 

Cosmetics: Use Hydroblox for cosmetic products that require moisture protection such as shampoo bars and soaps.

Outdoor Gear and Camping Equipment: From matches to first aid kits, trail snacks to toiletries, Hydroblox packaging can help keep your equipment protected. 

Cleaning Agents: Replace plastic packaging for household cleaners such as laundry or dishwashing detergents with Hydroblox paper packaging. 

packaging for food

If you’re looking to replace your plastic packaging with a paper that offers water-resistant and recyclable properties, Hydroblox is a great option to explore! It’s just another way JBM helps its customers ditch the plastic