Utilizing High-Quality Printing to Match High-Quality Brand


Madécasse Chocolate (now called Beyond Good) has a mission to change how the world experiences chocolate and vanilla. This high-end manufacturer sources directly from farmers and focuses on giving back to Madagascar, where its products are produced. This powerful brand needed to share its story and strengthen its brand through its packaging. After several failed printing attempts by other partners resulting in the brand’s logo and colors being misrepresented, they needed a printing expert to deliver a consistent, high-quality product for this high-quality brand.


When the JBM team stepped in, the need was clear. Bringing Madécasse’s brand elements to life accurately and consistently on its packaging was the top priority. The JBM Innovation Team analyzed the current problems and collaborated with its in-house print experts to design a solution using eco-friendly paper packaging and advanced printing techniques and equipment. As a G7 Master Facility, JBM has calibrated its equipment and printing systems to meet the G7 gray balance and neutral tone curves. It also follows a stringent set of specifications for achieving visual similarity across all print processes.


Through JBM’s state-of-the-art Manroland Printing Press and the expertise of its G7-certified staff, Madécasse’s logo, colors, and crisp and clear imagery is now consistent through all print runs. With JBM’s help, the brand was able to deliver on its brand standards and produce packaging that fit its high-end look, elevating its connection with customers and strengthening its presence on store shelves.

Thank you so much for all the work with the envelopes and graphics we needed – and for fulfilling it so quickly. I really appreciate your communication and helping us get the first run completed. Everything was perfect, and we are glad to have partnered with JBM.”


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