Scientific Anglers

A Packaging Change to Keep Plastics Out of Waterways


Plastic debris in our waterways is a serious global issue that Scientific Anglers (SA), the leader of fly-fishing products and accessories, takes seriously.Much of their product line was packaged in resealable waterproof plastic bags. Concerned that this packaging was finding its way into streams and rivers, SA knew it needed an eco-friendlier solution that would not cause harm to the environment.


JBM’s innovation team collaborated with SA’s operations and merchandising team to fully understand the market and how the consumer utilized its products. Through the exploration and testing of multiple papers and printing applications, the JBM team designed a beautifully branded solution using sustainable papers and eco-friendly inks. Features of the new packaging included a biodegradable see-through window to display the color and clarity of the product, a tuck-in flap for easy open and close access, a built-in hanging feature for a better retail presentation, and the ability to print on both sides of the packaging to create a metallic look and feel. It also incorporated a new color-coding system so its leaders, tippets, and fly lines would be organized in a way that consumers could more easily recognize what products were in each family.

Working together to find solutions to this environmental problem was important. That’s where JBM helped us.”

— Jason Proctor,
Scientific Anglers


SA estimates its decision to transition from plastic to paper removes over 500 pounds of plastic from the environment every year. The company has received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the change from customers, and the new packaging has made a positive impact on sales. SA has also received industry accolades from Fly Fisherman Magazine, which awarded the company with the Gear Guide Green Award highlighting the value of its new eco-friendly packaging.

Plastic-Free Packaging with a Purpose

Scientific Anglers is proud to showcase its new packaging. In fact, the company is now able to tout its environment-friendly changes right on the outside of its package, stating: “Our new paper-based packaging is now 100% recyclable. The materials, inks, and window used are biodegradable to protect our streams and reduce our environmental footprint.” This is a statement both employees and customers can feel good about.


Before partnering with JBM, the SA packaging had a two-piece construction that included a branded insert card and an outer flimsy plastic bag that couldn’t be printed on. The packaging also wasn’t fully utilizing the front and back sides for branding and communicating with SA customers


SA’s new packaging incorporates a simplified one-piece construction and features a beautiful metallic look and feel with printing on both sides. The tuck-in flap closure allows the customer to easily pull the product in and out, and its colorcoded SKUs help identify products faster. Its built-in hanging feature gives it a retail presentation advantage, and the use of a biodegradable window now makes the packaging completely recyclable.

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