Erica’s ATA

Plastic-Free High-End Packaging for Luxury Nail Tool Company


Erica’s ATA is a family-owned business specializing in electric nail file tools and techniques. These high-end instruments are designed to give nail techs in luxury spas the tools they need to excel in their profession. Erica’s challenge was presenting her equipment in high-end, sustainable packaging that could also withstand the tools’ rough edges and odd shapes. Her current packaging consisted of plastic baggies that were not eco-friendly and did not show off her high-end equipment.


Erica came to JBM Packaging to elevate the look of her packaging, eliminate all plastic bags, and showcase her high-end brand. JBM’s Innovation Team designed branded sustainable bags in four sizes. Two sizes included latex closures to secure the instruments, and the others were sealed with stickers. The bottom of her packaging was reinforced to prevent some of the sharp points of the tools from poking through. The JBM team also incorporated Erica’s logo and a curbside recycling symbol to support the sustainable attributes and prompt customers to take action.


The JBM team worked fast to source the right materials to eliminate plastic from Erica’s packaging and give it a more upscale look. Erica is proud to showcase her products in the new high-end packaging that better reflects her brand. She is now confident in presenting her tools to her luxury spa clients and feels the sustainability message will resonate well with her consumer base.

I found JBM Packaging through an online search. I immediately connected with the company’s environmental commitment and its Fair Chance Program. In fact, I wrote the CEO a handwritten note to share how impressed I was with the company’s mission. It was that important to me. While that was my initial draw to JBM, what keeps me committed to them is the quality of work they produce and their commitment to helping me succeed.”

— Erica Schlabach,
Owner and Director of
Education at Erica’s ATA

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