JBM redesigns packaging for SoxsolS Shoe Inserts


SoxsolS’ original packaging consisted of a coffee cup style sleeve. It wrapped around the insoles and was stapled near the edge. The packaging caused several problems: it was cumbersome to assemble, the design was dated, and the packaging did not protect the inserts which caused damage during transit. On the retail shelves, the hangers made it difficult to find your size. SoxsolS was in need of a unique packaging solution for retail display which provided more protection, was easier to assemble, and represented their brand.

We found the JBM team to be very responsive and creative helping SoxsolS take our packaging to the next level.”



JBM’s Innovation Team worked with the customer to define the problem with the current packaging and outline the future state. Several elements the customer wanted to incorporate included the ability to easily remove the correct size from the retail shelf, a way to allow the customer to touch the inserts prior to purchasing, and an overall polished design. JBM developed two new innovations to solve our customer’s unmet needs: an open, perforated window allowing the customer to feel the insert without removal, and a tear-drop hanging feature allowing easy access to any size.



Judson, the founder of SoxsolS, loved the new packaging and considered it to be a huge success. The imagery created by JBM’s design team represented his brand in a professional manner. The hanging feature allowed for the product to be easily accessed by retailers and consumers. Next steps in this collaboration include creating custom packaging sizes for the inserts.

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