Supporting Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental illness is extremely common in the U.S., impacting an estimated one in five adults. With a wide range of conditions and degrees of severity, some individuals receive professional treatment for their conditions and others may experience periodic symptoms. The pandemic accelerated an already growing […]

11 Common Glassine Questions Answered

Change is always challenging, but when it comes to transitioning out of your plastic packaging, it can be especially hard. Your customers see your packaging before they see your product, so that package […]

B Corp Certification: Our Commitment to Using Business for Good

At JBM Packaging, we strive to be a role model for businesses looking to positively impact the world, operating our business in a way that benefits people, our communities and the planet […]

Q&A on JBM’s New EcoView Product Line with Jessica Black, Director of Sales

Every package is so different—from closures to perforations, printing to folds, there are several variables and options. So we start the process by listening and learning. […]

Designing Packaging for the Circular Economy

In our existing economy, we take natural resources from the earth, create products and throw them away as waste. The waste travels from our trashcan and ultimately ends up in a landfill or in the […]

EcoView: A Window to Customer-Driven Innovation

Like many good things, it started with a seed. More specifically, a seed packet. Looking to help buyers connect with their products on retail shelves, a customer came to us with the challenge of […]

Honor Garden Recognizes Veterans at JBM and Beyond

In its second year, JBM’s Honor Garden program provided a stunning visual display honoring those who served on Veterans Day. A “garden” of approximately 100 flags, each bearing the name […]

4 Misconceptions About Windowed Packaging

Looking for a unique way to connect with your customer through packaging? Windows offer a sneak peek at your product and can even allow your customer to touch and feel it without opening […]

What California’s New Plastic Law Could Signal for the Future of Your Packaging

In June, California’s governor signed Senate Bill 54 (S.B. 54), otherwise known as Plastic Pollution Prevention and Packaging Producer Responsibility Act— one of the most sweeping plastics […]

Is Your Packaging Creating a Good First Impression?

According to eMarketer, retail e-commerce sales will continue to grow by double digits following a major shift in 2022 to online retail. By 2023, online sales are projected to total $6.2 trillion […]