OTC Medicine

Increase security and brand identity.

Get durable, secure packaging that also raises the profile of your brand. Packaging for over-the-counter medications requires features for patient use and safety, but also offers the opportunity to bring your package forward and make your brand stand out.

Packaging for OTC medications is an integral part of the product – and a way of connecting with consumers. At JBM, our envelopes and packages are used for OTC and prescription pills, powders, and veterinary applications. We’ve collaborated with ophthalmic, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies to identify compliance and patient requirements for primary and secondary packaging applications. Our Innovation Team analyzes different materials and explores new formats and advanced printing options to meet specific dispensing, safety, and marketing requirements.

The quality construction and secure sealing of our packets and containers keep medications safe. And our consistent, high-end printing processes ensure patient instructions and your brand identity are reinforced on every package.

For medication dispensing, our disposable paper cups offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional paper cups.


At JBM, we look at things differently. We exist to solve our customers’ toughest packaging challenges. Our creative problem-solving approach and collaborative innovation process leads to product advancements that consistently achieve successful outcomes for our customers.

Get The Right Solution

Put our innovation to work for you. Let our Innovation Team help you explore all of the possibilities to build the perfect package.