Glassine for Medical

  • Sterilizable packaging to contain and protect medical accessories and specimens
  • Transparent properties allow you to identify and view contents
  • Extremely smooth, glossy finish allows for quick transfer of package contents

Packaging used in laboratory and medical facilities requires materials that meet specific sterilization, barrier, or protection conditions. As a sterilizable paper, glassine is ideal for packaging in the medical industry to contain and protect medical accessories, patient specimens, and pharmaceutical drugs.

Designed for Precise Applications

Lightweight and transparent glassine is pH neutral, acid free, and protects against grease, water, air, and moisture. And it can be safely sterilized. At JBM, we customize glassine into foldable packages to meet our customers’ product specifications – ideal for medical and laboratory applications to contain and protect tools and accessories, such as surgical needles and eye spears. And our high-end printing processes on these difficult-to-print papers ensure patient instructions, laboratory directives, or brand identity are included on every package. Environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable, glassine is an excellent choice for sustainability.

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