Glassine for Retail Seeds

  • Transparent glassine paper shows off your beautiful seeds
  • High impact printing accentuates packet designs
  • Recyclable and biodegradable properties make glassine an excellent choice for sustainability

Showcasing seeds in uniquely designed and printed packages differentiates your products. Glassine paper offers the distinct benefits of creative presentation plus protection. For quality seed packet solutions, explore the ways glassine packets and bags can enhance performance.

See the Advantages of Glassine

Glassine packaging is made from smooth, translucent paper that is pH neutral, acid free, and provides protection against grease, water, air, and moisture. At JBM, we specialize in glassine. Glassine paper allows the natural appearance of products to show through the packaging. And its smoothness causes less friction, to allow the smallest of seeds to be dispensed easily. We customize glassine into foldable packages to meet our customers’ product specifications. And our high-end printing processes on these difficult-to-print papers meet your branding demands on every package.