Why JBM Packaging?

We Help Make You More Profitable.

Innovative approach, creative solutions.

We realize the importance of packaging as part of your overall success. And for many of our customers, the packaging is the product. That’s why the right packaging solutions differentiate your products and help you sell more.


We exist to solve problems. The hard problems that other suppliers may not want to tackle. Through GRIT and creative problem solving, we figure out a way.

We look at things differently. And we share an innovation mindset – with continuous improvement processes, creative problem-solving techniques, and an Innovation Team dedicated to customer-focused product advancements.

We formed our Innovation Team to solve our customers’ toughest challenges – through collaboration, product design, and investment in new technologies. With technical expertise in converting, printing, paper-based substrates, and adhesive applications, our Innovation Team identifies new ways to approach your packaging needs.


Our Innovation Team works as an extension of your team to help solve your most pressing packaging issues or opportunities. We listen, observe, test, and measure to help design solutions specifically tailored to your brand and the challenges you’re facing in your industry.

Through our collaborative approach, we’ve created specialized packaging solutions that elevate brands in highly competitive industries, such as retail seed, food, medical, and retail.


Your brand reputation is influenced by the quality of our packaging and printing. Our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement – for both our customers and ourselves – ensures consistent results throughout the process.

Over 30 years of refining our processes has resulted in consistently achieving successful outcomes for our customers. Consistent printing of your branded packages. Consistent quality of the unique package features. And consistent performance on your equipment.

Create more value for your products.

Let the JBM team help expand your packaging opportunities and make you more profitable.