EcoView: A Window to Customer-Driven Innovation

Introducing EcoView plastic free window packaging

Like many good things, it started with a seed. More specifically, a seed packet.

Looking to help buyers connect with their products on retail shelves, a customer came to us with the challenge of creating a small window inside their retail seed packets. They felt this unique feature would help them stand out on the shelves, allowing potential customers to see the tiny seeds in their package, compared to their competitors’ packages.

Taking this challenge back to the drawing board, our innovation team went to work. Within the innovation process, our team created prototypes for the new windowed packaging to achieve their performance and branding goals. The final product was a new paper seed packet that featured a small, unique “sneak peek” window located at the bottom of the packet.

sneak peek window packaging for seeds

This innovation planted the seed for what would develop into our recently introduced EcoView™ line. How could we create windowed packaging without the plastic? We wanted to help our customers create a recyclable packaging solution that allowed them to completely transition out of traditional poly-based (plastic) materials made from non-renewable resources.

EcoView is a plastic-free paper package line that features three different-sized window options. Each package offers customers a clear, protected product view of varying degrees, while also providing additional space for branding and messaging.

packaging with windows

The Evolution of EcoView: Partial View

Creating the first windowed seed packet allowed us to consider the potential for other windowed products. The evolution of our EcoView line continued as we helped Scientific Anglers (SA), an outdoor retailer, create plastic-free, fly-fishing packaging to accommodate the launch of their new product line.

Despite the waterproof capabilities of their existing packaging, SA wanted a more sustainable option that prevented their plastic packaging from littering streams and rivers where their customers fished. As is the case with most plastic, decomposition takes anywhere from 20-500 years and they wanted plastic-free packaging that left no trace.

After meeting with them to explore their performance and sustainability goals, we identified several options and features to showcase their fly fishing leaders and tippets in a paper package with a mid-sized window. To make sure the window was biodegradable, we added Fiberfilm™ to the design, our proprietary, clear window made from PEFC-certified wood pulp.

What we developed became an award-winning biodegradable package that enabled SA’s customers to see the product through a mid-sized window. Because JBM can print right on the package, SA no longer needs to order and stock numerous header cards of different colors. In addition, the newly designed packaging offered real estate where they could identify SKUs, product information and their sustainability statement. Finally, we designed a hole for hanging the new plastic-free package and conducted tear-strength testing to ensure it would not rip.

A Full-Product View

The final product in our EcoView line, “Full Display,” was also created through another customer-driven solution. Atomicchild, a Colorado-based, artist-run outdoor brand with the tagline “We bring the outdoors to you!” wanted better packaging for their sticker and patch packs. Plastic did the job, but owner Jimmy Bryant wanted a recyclable solution that would allow them to transition out of plastic packaging completely—he wanted something his customers would feel good about opening. He also needed a package that showed the entire design of each sticker with the ability to hang the product, as many of their products are sold in large outdoor retail stores.

Understanding his goals, we worked together to create a new package that offered a full view of each unique sticker and patch design with a “Full Display” window. This view option allowed us to deliver a solution that fit both the branding visibility needs and product view that the customer requested.

Whether you’re packaging stickers, jewelry or home goods, the “Full Display” option makes your product the star of the package. It features a full-sized pane that seals perfectly alongside the edge of the package, and we will help you conduct extensive testing to make sure that the package meets your performance goals.

A Custom Solution You Can Feel Good About

We’re excited about our EcoView packaging line, because it gives allows you to go plastic-free without compromising your brand or packaging performance with an off-the-shelf envelope. Whether you’re selling through retail, online or distribution, you can tailor your EcoView package to work for various products, from seeds to stickers, jewelry to keychains.

In addition to windows of varying sizes, customization features include different types of papers (including paper made with recycled content), closures, perforations and hanging holes. Whatever your vision, we will walk alongside you on your path to plastic-free, helping you bring your new package to life.

But we don’t stop there. Once your packaging is created, we can also assist with inserting and filling it with your product from our factory in Cincinnati, Ohio. We want to take the headache out of packaging, helping you create plastic-free packaging that is better for you, your customers and the environment.

Interested in seeing how EcoView could work for your product packaging?