Q&A on JBM’s New EcoView Product Line with Jessica Black, Director of Sales

Q: Sustainability is everywhere right now. What are some of the most common eco-packaging questions you hear from your customers?

A: It’s an exciting time to be in our business! We hear from people at so many different points along their sustainability journey. Many people want to know what sustainability means when it comes to their packaging. We talk a lot about how the packaging is made and the environmental impact of the materials and process. And we discuss things like recycling, reusing, light weighting and how you can create packaging using as little material as possible.

Q: What’s the first step when a customer contacts you for eco-packaging?

A: Every package is so different—from closures to perforations, printing to folds, there are several variables and options. So we start the process by listening and learning. First, we want to understand your goals—are you looking for a functional design that protects the project or a more aesthetic experience? Let’s dream together and create a vision for what your new plastic-free package could look like.

The next step is design, where begin to create a prototype of your dream package. What adhesives or perforations would work best? Do you prefer full-color across the front of the package with a bleed or does a border work better? With so many options, we work with you to create a beautiful design that reflects your brand and makes your product shine.

With the design set, our next step is testing. We want to make sure each design meets the most rigorous performance standards so we thoroughly test it in a variety of situations to make sure it delivers.

The final step is the launch of your new package! We’re continually investing in our equipment and people to give you the assurance that your final product matches the product you’d dreamed of and imagined!

Q: Tell us more about EcoView™, JBM’s newest eco-package.

A: EcoView is a windowed, plastic-free package, and we’ve received incredible feedback since our January launch. The heart of EcoView is a clear, protective window made from PEFC-certified wood pulp that naturally biodegrades in water. EcoView is excellent for small accessories, such as stickers, patches, jewelry and other point-of-sale items that customers want to see before purchasing.

Q: Is the EcoView line food safe?

A: Our EcoView packaging can be used for food, but at this point, we primarily work with companies that use it for small accessories like stickers or jewelry. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible! Fiberfilm can be used for food and is approved as a food wrapping, so there are several potential applications, like for small chocolates, baked goods, candies, energy bars, etc.

Q: What are the different sizes of EcoView?

A: EcoView comes in three sizes designed to accommodate different products.

Sneak Peek: A preview pane that allows customers to see a small part of the product.

Partial View: A mid-sized window that reveals a larger portion of your product and offers additional space for categorization, messaging or branding.

Full Display: A large window allowing you to peel back the curtains and give a complete view of your merchandise.

Ultimately, we can create EcoView based on your unique needs with a larger package, specially sized window, perforations, hanging holes and additional options.

Q: What happens to EcoView once the package is opened?

A: That’s a great question, because it’s an important piece of making sure that EcoView is truly Eco! Communicating end-of-life instructions helps improve compliance (and ultimately recycling rates!), so this is something that we work with our customers to incorporate into their packaging design. For example, we put a sustainability statement on each package and work with customers to craft that statement if they need one.

We also use specific branding icons to help customers clearly identify their package’s environmental properties, whether that be recyclability, compostability or biodegradability. Finally, some of our customers want to make that instruction the focus of their packaging (for example, the large “recycle me!” words), so we can help create a design that does this in a way that also reflects their brand.

Q: What’s the primary difference between EcoView and a package with a standard plastic window?

A: We like to think of EcoView as a blank canvas that can be adapted to fit each customer’s unique needs. For example, if the product will be displayed on a rack, we can create a built-in hanging feature. The package size, print coverage, types of enclosures and perforations will all differentiate EcoView from a standard plastic window package.

Q: What should I do if I want to see if EcoView could be a fit for my products?

A: Send us an email or give us a call (800-933-8497)! Once we discuss your goals, we can send you some samples and take the next step in identifying an eco-packaging solution that would work best for your product.