Glassine for Chocolate

  • Glossy, transparent glassine shows off your gourmet confections
  • High impact printing for an artisanal look
  • FDA approved for use in food packaging applications

Packaging is a key element of the care taken to feature fine chocolates and accentuate what’s inside. The right packaging will showcase – and protect – your beautiful treats. Few packaging materials have the ability to effectively display and protect the contents. Translucent glassine paper is food safe and allows the natural appearance of chocolate to show through the packaging. And because of its grease-resistant properties, glassine is an ideal package for displaying baked treats and foods.

Showcase Confections Beautifully

Highlighting the unique qualities of your specialties requires packaging materials and high quality printing that make your product stand out and add to your customers’ experiences. At JBM, we have invested years of research into perfecting the ideal glassine packaging solutions for foods. We customize glassine into foldable packages to meet our customers’ product specifications – for both primary and secondary packaging. A unique way to package candy – glassine envelopes are a perfect solution for single artisan chocolates. And its grease and moisture resistance keeps food looking fresh longer. Our printing processes on difficult-to-print glassine papers brand every piece of packaging for a beautiful shelf presentation. Glassine is an eco-friendly packaging alternative to films and foils.

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